Dentistry has gone digital. This is great news for people who suffer from dental anxiety and for those who enjoy reaping the benefits of new dental technology. Innovations in dental care are constantly being developed that make the work of dental care professionals easier and patient experiences more pleasant. Dental scanners are part of this technological revolution.

The inside of the human mouth is extremely complicated. There are many places that are just difficult for dentists to see clearly much less to get an accurate representation of them. If you’ve ever had braces, crowns, or other restorative dental work, then you likely remember the tray full of thick liquid to the teeth on your upper or lower jawline, used to create a dental impression. For many, this is not a pleasant experience, which is why dental scanners are a great advancement in the dental field.

The process of using a dental scanner is completely painless and much less invasive. Just like it sounds, it’s basically a computer program. The dental professional uses a wand-shaped tool and moves it along the patient’s top and bottom teeth. The tool scans the images into the computer to create a complete three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth.

This procedure offers many benefits for patients which include:

  • Saving Time – The procedure itself is very quick, especially compared to past methods. The dentist saves time, as the three-dimensional image allows them to spot problem areas quickly.
  • Safety – The wand doesn’t emit any harmful radiation.
  • Accuracy – The exact shape and contours of each tooth are captured to allow the dentist to provide the correct treatment.
  • Comfort – Patients no longer have to fear the discomfort of the dental impression method. The scanner is painless and minimally invasive.

The use of digital scanners has taken dental care to a whole new level. To find a dental office near you or to schedule an appointment, contact the Atlantis Dental Roundhouse today.