When most people visit their dentist Vancouver, they don’t expect to leave their annual exam with another appointment for a root canal. Some people may be tempted to put off the procedure. Although root canals aren’t always the most enjoyable, there is a reason your dentist may recommend you have one right away. Here are the top five reasons you should not postpone having a root canal treatment done.

Root Canal Stops Infection from Spreading

The reason that a root canal is needed in the first place is that a tooth has become infected and is now dead or dying. The outer surface of the tooth is made up of hard enamel, while the inner pulp of the tooth is made up of soft, living tissue. Sometimes this tissue becomes infected, through deep decay, cracks in the surface of the tooth, etc. and begins to die off. At this point, it is critical that a root canal is completed as soon as possible, to not only stop the pain that a patient is experiencing but to also prevent the infection from spreading.

Alleviates Pain

A common misconception is that root canals cause additional pain. But in fact, the opposite is true. Root canals alleviate pain. Having a root canal is similar to having a cavity treated, but it does take a little bit longer to complete. The sooner tooth pain is addressed and treated, the sooner you’ll be pain-free and your life will be back to normal.

Won’t Get Better on Its Own

In some situations, if you ignore something long enough they eventually get better on their own. A root canal won’t go away with time. If the pain eventually alleviates, this isn’t a good sign.  In fact, it may be an indication that all the nerves located inside the tooth are dead, while the infection continues to thrive.

Could Get Worse

When left untreated, the bacteria from the infected tooth can travel down through the roots of the tooth and enter into the tissue of the gums and jaw. When this happens, it can cause a painful, pus-filled abscess to form, which will require urgent treatment. In extreme cases, bacteria from the infection can result in increasing systemic (whole-body) inflammation. When this happens, it can ultimately contribute to more serious conditions, such as heart disease or stroke.

Can Save the Tooth

When a root canal is postponed for an extended period of time, it can put you at risk of ultimately losing the infected tooth. Tooth loss is a serious concern, as it can result in various other problems, such as an increased risk of tooth decay on the remaining teeth, gum disease, bite problems and more. Ultimately, having a root canal as soon as possible can save you from a wide array  of other problems that can develop if left untreated.

At Atlantis Dental Roundhouse, we understand that a root canal may be a vital procedure for the overall health of your teeth. If you are experiencing any tooth pain, schedule an appointment with your dentist Vancouver at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse to ensure you get treated as soon as possible.