4 Oral Health Tips Every Traveler Should Know

Vacations are an exciting time in your life. But, amidst all the photoshoots, guided tours, sunbathing at the beach, and other outdoor activities, it’s easy to forget the most basic everyday tasks, one of which is dental hygiene. Dental health often takes a backseat during a full vacation schedule, and the consequences are often long-term. Here are four oral hygiene tips that you should remember next time you’re on a vacation.

  1. Schedule a Pre-Vacation Dental Checkup

If you’re having tooth pain or sensitivity, this is especially important. Not only does it take precious time away from your travel itinerary, but it can also be a hassle finding and scheduling a dental appointment in a different province or country. Visit your regular dentist before your vacation to get up-to-date information concerning your oral health and/or to get a professional teeth cleaning.

  1. Pack a Dental Hygiene Kit

Vacationers always have their sunscreen, phone charger, and other travel staples on the ready, yet they often forget to pack a toothbrush much less a dental hygiene kit. At a minimum, you should bring a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash. Make sure it’s all in airport-approved containers to avoid any issues when checking in.

  1. Know What Foods to Avoid

Vacations often mean new culinary experiences, but some foods aren’t so friendly to your teeth. Sugary sweets and candies, for instance, are well known to cause tooth decay. Acidic foods, like pickles, vinegar-based sauces, and citrus fruits, can also cause damage to your tooth’s enamel. Try to minimize your intake of these food groups while on vacation.

  1. Keep Bottled Water With You

Bring a water bottle, especially when you’re out on a wilderness hike. The water supply in some countries may not be as reliable as the one you have at home. Poor quality water not only puts you at risk of developing an oral disease but also other more serious health complications. Brush your teeth with bottled water to lower this risk as well.

Vacationing shouldn’t come at the expense of your oral hygiene. Keep your travels fun and healthy at the same time by adhering to these oral hygiene tips. For more useful tips, consult with the experts at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse.