With many of us still working from home, it can be difficult to remember what day it is, let alone have any real sense of structure for the week.

If you are like me, and function better with some kind of framework for the day, this time of Covid could be the perfect opportunity to be creative in setting aside time for self care and maintaining that beautiful smile of yours. My family and I decided it would be a great idea to continue with some of the routine things as before while throwing in some fun bonding activities.

At first, my children and I stayed in our pjs longer, watched more TV than usual, and went to the fridge a little more frequently. I can see from all the posts on Facebook of bread making and home cooking, that we were not the only ones!!! Now we have returned to our regular sleeping schedule and eating patterns as before.

My children and I know that despite being home, a healthy smile is important for our overall health. I encourage my teenage children to brush for two minutes and to floss all the food out first between the teeth daily. Wrapping the floss around the teeth in a c-shape cleans the teeth more efficiently while reducing the chances of floss cuts. Flossing does prevent cavities as well as reducing plaque between the teeth that can lead to gum disease. Inflammation in the mouth can affect the rest of the body.

For our patients with bridges and crowns, flossing will help in preventing cavities that can begin below the crowns on the root surface. Brushing along the gumline is so important in maintaining the longevity of dental work and all natural teeth. One can not rely on our saliva to take care of removing food particles. As we age, or take certain medications, saliva production can be significantly reduced. Keep up the good work you are doing at home, take time to smell the roses, and enjoy this time to slow things down.

– Contributed by Jennifer, CDA