Laser dentistry is a recent innovation in the dentalindustry that has begun to supplement traditional drills. These lasers use a focused beam of energy which is capable of removing gum tissue as well as decayed tooth. While traditional methods often produce swelling and residual scar tissue, lasers are gentle to the tissue and are able to complete a similar procedure with minimal intrusion and pain.

Since they were put into practice in the 1990’s, lasers have proven to have a number of advantages over traditional tools that make them an effective addition to any dental office. Their primary advantage is their ability to complete procedures with minimal post-operative discomfort for the patient.  Operations that used to require numbing agents and unprecise cutting into a patient’s tissues can now be done with highly precise lasers. These tools make procedures dramatically quicker and easier especially for nervous patients.

All of our teeth and gums are filled with small water molecules. When the laser comes into contact with these small molecules, it excites them, allowing the laser drill to literally vaporize the tissue. Recovery times are greatly improved by the use of lasers. Where traditional drills irritate the tissue surrounding the site of the procedure, lasers provide a clean cut. As the laser vaporizes the tissue it come in contact with, the resulting procedure is painless and able to heal quickly with minimal scaring.

Atlantis Dental Roundhouse believes in investing in technology that will make your experience more comfortable while also delivering the highest level of care. That is why we have made investments in this technology at all of our Vancouver dental offices.Since we have introduced them they have grown quickly in popularity.

Despite the cost of this technology, we want all of our customers to have the best dental experience possible. That is why we offer this technology to all of our patients at no additional charge.

We would love to answer any questions you might have about the implementation of laser services into our practice. Please give us a call, or stop by our Yaletown Dental Clinic. Our staff are experienced professionals who can show you exactly why this technology can give you better dental health with wonderfully increased comfort and precision.