Has self-isolation turned you into your dog? Do you roam the house looking for food, are told “No” when you get close to strangers, and get really excited about the prospect of a car ride? Not even sure what day it is anymore?

These are truly strange times, and our usual routines have become totally disrupted. Do you find that you have even forgot to brush your teeth sometimes because you just don’t have any set routine anymore? Do you find yourself snacking a lot more and thinking there’s no point in brushing your teeth right now because they’re just going to get dirty again soon anyway?

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is still very important, but there is no hard and fast rule about what time you need to do it. Think of it this way, when you go for that snack/ meal do you get out a clean plate? Of course, you do. You wouldn’t just keep using a dirty plate over and over without cleaning it would you? If it comes down to it, there is nothing actually wrong with cleaning your teeth before you eat. It takes only 24 hours for plaque to harden on to your teeth and start causing problems, so any time in the day that you can reset that clock will make a difference. At this point, we just don’t know when we can resume our regular hygiene appointments, but even if you aren’t brushing and flossing when you usually do, whenever you finally think of it, do as Nike says, “Just do it!”

– contributed by Hana, one of your hygienists at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse