It is easy to pack your kids a lunch that they will enjoy, filling the lunch boxes with goodies and sugary snacks can certainly minimize whining and untouched lunches. But, to keep your child’s health in tip top shape, as well as their teeth, you need to pack them lunches that support their growing bodies. Here are some food items that are terrific for their teeth.

Foods To Add

Yogurt. As well as being delicious, yogurt is rich in many valuable nutrients such as protein and calcium. It contains probiotics that are perfect for strengthening your gums. If you select to replace your unhealthy snacks with yogurt, be sure to find yogurts low in sugar content, even possibly opting for plain yogurt with added berries instead of pre-flavored varieties. 

Almonds. Much like yogurt, almonds are also filled with protein, healthy fats, and calcium while being very low in sugar. If you throw in even a quarter cup of these nuts, it can go a long way to combat cavities. There are some, especially children, that may not be all too fond of nuts, if this is the case you could sneak them into a salad, which is also a wholesome, healthy lunchbox addition. Please check with your school as some schools do not allow nuts because of allergies. 

Carrots. Carrots are a snack that has a large amount of fiber that contributes to producing more saliva, which in turn actually removes harmful bacteria that will decrease the chances of cavities. And what kid would pass on baby carrots and ranch dressing?

These snacks and many more are not only great for your teeth, but they are also great for your overall health. Here are some snacks that you should not pack in your child’s lunch because of how harmful they can be for their teeth. 

Foods To Avoid

High Acidic Foods. Even some fruits that are generally thought of as healthy choices, like oranges and lemons contain large amounts of citric acid that can be harmful to one’s teeth. Acid can also erode enamel over time. Instead, replace these acidic fruits with ones that are high in calcium like apples and berries.

Hard Candy. These candies are number one on the list of foods that quickly can expose your teeth and can even lead to serious dental injuries. These snacks are not only unhealthy but their hard nature can crack teeth. 

Pop and Juice. Carbonation is proven to be bad for teeth because, much like oranges, they are very acidic. They are also full of sugar, so these beverages are not a great choice for your child’s lunch. It is best just to stick with water, plain or flavored, because not only is it sugar free but it also washes away bacteria. 

Support your child’s dental health by taking them to see the dentist every six months. Schedule an appointment with Atlantis Dental Roundhouse today to maintain your child’s beautiful smile.