Here at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse, your dentist Vancouver, we work hard to provide the highest quality of patient care. So, we wanted to take the time to discuss tooth extractions with you.

Tooth extraction is when a tooth is removed from its socket in the bone. A tooth extraction can sound a little intimidating, but not having the procedure done can be worse. Tooth extraction is usually a last resort. So, when your dentist tells you that the tooth needs to go they have considered all the other options, and decided that extraction is the best course of action.

The most common reason you would need to have an extraction is due to damage, infection, or tooth decay. These problems often come with a lot of pain and extraction will commonly provide quick and drastic pain relief. You may feel wiggling sensations or a back and forth movement of the tooth as your dentist loosens the tooth, but this should only give you sensations of pressure and not pain.

Before an extraction the dentist will numb the affected area, so you should not feel discomfort during an extraction procedure. If you do feel any pain (not just pressure) notify your dentist so that they can take additional steps to minimize it before continuing. We always want you to feel comfortable during any procedure.

Another reason for needing an extraction that we routinely help with here at your dentist Vancouver, is wisdom tooth extraction. These teeth are very difficult to care for because they are so far back in the mouth and the back molars are one of the most common places to develop cavities. To prevent problems with cavities and crowding of the other teeth, wisdom tooth removal is an option you may want to consider.

After an extraction, especially one that is between teeth, it is important to fill the space in some way. The reason the space between the teeth must be filled, is because teeth depend on the surrounding teeth to remain upright. When spaces are not filled after removal of a tooth, the adjacent teeth may tip or the opposing tooth may come out even further (overerupt) into the extraction space.  Wisdom tooth removal is the exception to this rule since they are at the very back of the mouth.

If you have other questions about this or any other procedure, please feel free to contact Atlantis Dental Roundhouse Centre. Our highly rated staff are here to help you come to your appointment feeling confident that you are in good hands!