About Those Fillings in Your Teeth

Many people don’t understand the cavity filling process. Knowing more about the materials and tools used to fill cavities can help you have peace of mind while at the dentist’s office. Let Atlantis Dental Roundhouse tell you more about the process.

Why Might You Need a Filling?

If you have a cavity, a dentist may need to take out the decay and put in a filling to replace the area removed. You might also need a filling if you have a broken tooth, worn-down teeth, or have a habit of grinding your teeth.

Removing the Cavity Decay

Before the filling stage, the dentist will remove the decay. Your dentist will numb the surrounding area to prevent discomfort. At Atlantis Dental Roundhouse, we use a high-spray handpiece and a slow-speed handpiece for removing the decay.  We can even use lasers to remove decay. The dentist will then thoroughly clean the area and prepare it for the filling.

Prepping for the Filling

A dental adhesive is then applied, which is sometimes called a bond. The next step involves shining a blue light on the area to cure or harden the bond. Your tooth is now ready for the new filling.

The Composite Filling

Most fillings are made with a durable plastic material called resin composite. We don’t usually use metal fillings, and our composite dental fillings are white to match the natural color of your teeth. The plastic resin is molded to fit the shape of the missing area in the affected tooth. Then, the filling is cured again with the blue light.

After the curing process, we make sure your bite is comfortable with the new filling. This might require some gentle adjustments. After that, we proceed to the last step where the composite material is polished. Then, you will have a completed cavity filling.

Ready to have that cavity filled? Booking your appointment is easy at our dental office. Now that you know about the cavity filling process, don’t delay attending to a decayed or decaying tooth. Families are always welcome as we provide dental services to people of all ages.