One of the most common challenges that parents have when teaching their children proper hygiene is helping them to develop effective, consistent brushing habits. If you want to improve your child’s oral health, the following tips could help instill a lifetime of good brushing habits.

Make it Fun

Kids will be more encouraged to brush their teeth every morning and night if it’s a fun experience. Allow them to choose their own toothbrush at the store and reward them for their effort. Consider making a chart where they can place a sticker each time they brush their teeth well. You can also consider playing music in the bathroom while they brush. This may help them look forward to the activity each morning and night.

Visit the Dentist

Make it a point to visit the Yaletown dental clinic together to learn more brushing tips from a professional. You can discuss the importance of brushing and how it will prevent the cavities and decay that can develop over time. The dentist can also instruct you on certain foods that should be avoided, including candy, pop, and juice.

Use a Timer

It is common for children to brush too quickly. Therefore, it may be necessary to use a timer to ensure that they do a thorough job. Set a timer out on the counter as they brush and instruct them that they can rinse their mouth once the timer goes off. This can help turn brushing into a game.

Describe and Model Appropriate Techniques

It can often be challenging for little kids to understand how to brush properly. That’s why you’ll want to demonstrate the correct technique. They’ll need to brush in the front, back, and on the top of their teeth. Brushing your teeth with them can make it a fun experience and give them the opportunity to follow your lead. For extra assistance and reinforcement, you can ask Atlantis Dental Roundhouse, your local Yaletown dental clinic, to teach your little ones how to brush properly.

Helping your little ones learn how to brush properly can improve their oral hygiene and reduce the risk of cavities in the long term. You’ll help to protect their teeth from future decay and improve their smiles and overall health.