We know that not everyone enjoys going to visit the dentist, but it is important to set your distaste of the dentist aside and put the importance of you and your family’s oral health first. While it is easy to make excuses to not go see the dentist regularly like you should, it imperative for your overall health and wellness to visit your dentist on a regular basis.

Despite your reasons or reservations for visiting the dentist, here are three things that your dentist Vancouver wants you to know about regular checkups, and your overall oral health.

Not Seeing the Dentist Hurts You in the Long Run

It is recommended that everyone goes to see the dentist every six months for a regular cleaning and checkup. While it is recommended, a lot of individuals do not adhere to this advice. Some choose not to go due to finances, whereas others avoid seeing the dentist due to fear of the dentist. The reasons for not going in for regular cleanings and checkups can cost you. During a regular checkup, your dentist is able to check your teeth and oral health for any underlying issues that may be lurking beneath the surface.

Issues, such as cavities, when left untreated can become painful and evolve into a larger problem down the road. As with most things, dealing with the issue as soon as possible is preferred to prevent the condition from worsening. Another, more serious side effect of not seeing your dentist on a regular basis, is the risk of losing your teeth from tooth decay or advanced stages of periodontal disease—both of which can lead to tooth loss. When an individual loses their teeth as a result of tooth decay or periodontal disease, the only option left is dentures.

Saves You Money

Who doesn’t like to save money? A lot of people believe that by not going to see the dentist they are saving money. This may be true in the short term, but in the long run untreated dental issues can end up costing you a lot more.

Research has found that those who opt to avoid going to the dentist, generally end up facing more extensive and costly treatments when they do decide to visit the dentist. A good example of this is how a simple cavity can easily be filled when it first appears, and is a relatively easy treatment. A cavity that is left untreated can result in a costly and often times painful root canal to fix the issue. Therefore, seeing the dentist regularly can save you money and unnecessary pain!

More Than Just a Cleaning

While regular teeth cleaning is an important part of your regular checkup, at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse we also perform necessary x-rays and oral cancer screenings during your regular visit to check for any underlying issues. This is done to ensure that your mouth is healthy and void of any potentially serious issues that need to be addressed.

While it is less known, oral cancer can be deadly; in fact, one person every hour of every day, dies from oral cancer. The most unfortunate thing about oral cancer is that in most cases it is not found until it has reached the advanced stages, where only 6 out of 10 survive once discovered. Through a simple and painless test, oral cancer can be identified—boosting an individual’s survival rate to over 80%!

At your friendly dentist Vancouver, Atlantis Dental Roundhouse, we are passionate about helping maintain your oral health. With a wide specialty of services offered, all of your dental needs can be met without having to visit another office. Our goal at Atlantis Dental Roundhouse is to help you have a pleasant experience when visiting the dentist, while putting your oral health needs first!